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On botany, soil, microbes and biochemistry!

This section began innocently enough as a simple info blog about jujubes. But during the dormant winter periods with no live action to write about, I went back to my roots (ha!) to write more on soil, biochemistry, and soil microbiology in general. I found myself wanting to keep going, and this blog was becoming less and less jujube-specific.

Thus it made sense to restructure everything.

This blog is now The Biosphere Blog, where I will continue writing about these subjects very dear to me.

But for a dedicated Jujube Info and Care Reference Manual, go here.

(And here is my passion project From Soil to Fruit, a combination of the two and very much a work in progress. This is where topics in this blog are arranged in a more structured book-chapter format, to be explored in far more detail.)

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