From Soil

  • From Soil: Introduction

    Back in 1648, Johannes Baptista van Helmont took a young willow sapling weighing 5 pounds (2.3 kg*), and planted it into 200 pounds (90.7 kg) of soil. Five years later he uprooted the tree and determined its weight to be 169 pounds and 3 ounces…More »
  • Earth's Spheres and Pedogenesis

    The Spheres of Earth Planet Earth is a complex system, made up of sub-systems called ’spheres’, as they too are round like Earth. It is possible to divide the Earth into at least 17 spheres (and possibly more), beginning with its core and…More »
  • The Biosphere

    The Biosphere
  • Photosynthesis in Bacteria

    Photosynthesis in Bacteria

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