• Identifying the Graft on a Jujube Tree

    The graft is the union of the scion wood (the tree-part of the tree) with rootstock (the root-part of the tree). Grafts are easier to spot on younger trees: than older ones: Some are practically seamless and only detectable by the obvious contrast in…More »
  • The Four Branch Types of a Jujube Tree

    Pretty much every tree you’re familiar with has main branches and sub-branches that resemble each other despite age and location on the tree. Jujube trees however, are quite unusual with a most atypical branch structure! There are four very different…More »
  • The Bud Types of a Jujube Tree

    A ‘bud’, in botany, is a compact, undeveloped shoot which may develop into a twig/branch, leaf, or flower. The region in which buds are located is called a node, and the area between nodes is called an internode. Nodes are the points of attachment for…More »
  • A Branch Identification Exercise

    Below is a photo of a Chico taken by Kim Sau, who has kindly given permission to use it: This tree is a perfect size to use as an exercise in identifying both the graft and all four branch types of a jujube tree, so let us begin! (Please consider this…More »

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