Do You Need a Science/Research Writer, Blogger or Publisher?

As you’ll see from my mini-bio below, I have the trifecta of science, IT and publishing skills — the perfect combination for creating content-rich websites, blogs, and high-quality full-gloss print publications!

Botany, soil chemistry, soil microbiology and biochemistry are my particular interests, but the science knowledge in our company ranges from the life sciences right through to theoretical chemistry (with degrees), and even to a better than average understanding of quantum physics.

I love my jujube trees, and writing about them directly and indirectly, as you may have gathered from my blog!

And believe me, I can get just as passionate about any scientific topic. (Here’s a personal one on animal breeding I did out of pure curiousity but have put on hold owing to more important commitments, like clients!)

If you need a dedicated site, or publication, about your particular scientific or technical product, then look no further and please get in touch.

Your life becomes so much easier when the same people can do it all — we even run our own servers!

My Bio at a Glance

  • Kristi Ellinopoullos

    BSc(Hons), U.Syd. - double major in biochemistry and microbiology, with honours in microbiology
    PhD, U.Syd - soil microbiology
    Stumbled into IT and publishing of all things.
    Discovered jujube trees and realised that perhaps I should have been an agronomist...
    So I combined all the above passions and interests into this website and blog, on which I write about botany, soil chemistry, soil microbiology and biochemistry!

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